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Challenging traditional thinking in evidence-based policing

Policing.TV has released the second video in a series from the Global Collaboration of Evidence Based Policing conference, focusing on challenging traditional policing practices to further embed evidence-based approaches. Moderated by Stef Bradley, an expert panel shares insights on fostering an evidence-based culture, balancing organisational demands, and driving adoption of proven tactics for smarter, more effective policing.

In October 2022, the Global Collaboration of Evidence Based Policing held a 24-hour live conference across two international hubs, bringing together experts to discuss ways to challenge traditional thinking and further embed evidence-based practices into policing. Now, Policing TV has partnered with the Global Collaboration to share key insights from the conference to a broader audience through a video series.

The second video in this impactful series centres around a panel discussion titled "Challenging Traditional Thinking – EBP in Policing." Moderated by Stef Bradley of KPMG Australia, the panel features a number of distinguished voices from policing leadership and academia. According to Bradley, the focus of the panel is on pushing past conventional policing wisdom to truly integrate evidence-based principles.

Panellists draw from their diverse professional experiences to outline pragmatic ways to nurture an evidence-based culture, balance competing organizational demands, and drive adoption of proven practices. They also highlight the opportunities presented by the innate investigative nature of police staff. As they delve into the nuances around implementing evidence-based approaches, the speakers emphasize the importance of considering local contexts and overcoming the complexities that can hinder adoption.

Throughout the discussion, the experts share positive examples of evidence-based policing tactics improving real-world outcomes. This video promises viewers key takeaways they can apply to make policing smarter and more effective in their own agencies. By bringing these valuable conference insights to a wider law enforcement audience, this series aims to accelerate the integration of research and evidence into police work worldwide.

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